What is Lu177 - PSMA treatment and where it is used?

Lutetium-177 PSMA (Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Therapy) therapy uses a molecule (tracer) that attaches to the PSMA receptors on cancer cell surface. Before it is administered, the tracer is bound with Lutetium-177, which emits beta radiation - a destructive type of radiation that kills cancer cells when when it binds to cell surface. 

In many patients, the treatment has proven to be a successful way to reduce the size of the tumours. Men who have undergone radical prostatectomy or primary radiotherapy but show symptoms of metastatic recurrence may find Lutetium-177 PSMA Therapy a viable treatment option with minimal side effects.

Lu177- PSMA therapy is used to treat prostate cancer only.

How Lu177 - PSMA treatment procedure is organized?

  1. We have to review your medical data. Our radiation oncologist Dr.Maris Mezeckis will evaluate is there sufficient information to make decision about the treatment. We offer consultations remotely or in presence.  In case of insuficient medical data we will advice additional investigations and will organize them for you;

  2. PET/CT examination with PSMA is mandatory in order to confirm that particular cancer has PSMA expression on cell surface. Blood test showing kidney function is mandatory to evaluate sutabiity of Lu177-PSMA treatment;

  3. A complete blood count with serum biochemistry examination is done, including ASAT, ALT, creatinine, PSA level in the serum, not earlier than 10 days prior to therapy;

  4. Radioisotope therapy is administered through a peripheral venous catheter. One treatment session lasts 6-8 hours, during which time the patient must stay in the clinic;

Things you should know about Lu177 - PSMA treatment:

  • The total treatment consists of 2-6 cycles with 6-8 week intervals;

  • Close and prolonged contact with people should be avoided 24 hours after the injection;

  • Patient feels no pain during procedure.