Stereotactic robotic radiosurgery 

Radiosurgery with latest CyberKnife M6 system. It is specially dedicated system for radiosurgery which is delivers highly conformal treatment plans in 1-5 treatment fractions. High experience in treatment of various conditions - benign and malignant, any part of the body.           Learn more

High technology radiotherapy

Modern radiotherapy with latest technology achievements: IGRT - image guided radiotherapy with cone beam imaging, IMRT - intensity modulated radiotherapy, volumetric and arc-beam therapy allows to treat larger volumes where radiosurgery is not suitable.  Learn more

High dose rate brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is well proved form of radiotherapy where radioactive isotope is inserted in the body and delivers very high dose of radiation which other-way is not possible to deliver. It can be used in monotherapy or in combination with external beam radiotherapy.Learn more

Proton beam therapy

Protons are type of radiation which penetrates tissues in particular depth. This type of radiation provides higher precision and causes more severe damage to specific type of cancers such as sarcomas, liver cancer, certain types of head and neck cancer and others.

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