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New collaboration with one of the leading breast surgeons and specialists in breast tumor genetics - Dr. Pēteris Loža

Oncology patients cannot wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to end, and work to improve the quality of treatment for oncology patients cannot wait either!

Considering the epidemiological safety, radiologist-therapist Māris Mežeckis is meeting with one of the leading breast surgeons and specialists in tumor genetics, Dr. Pēteris Loža, to agree on closer cooperation and promote the use of breast genetic examinations in accordance with modern (NCCN) guidelines. Dr. Loza and his colleagues perform breast oncology surgeries together with complex reconstruction operations in order to maximize the quality of life of patients after the operation. In addition, advice is given on genetic testing, which allows a more accurate assessment of the risk of tumor recurrence after surgery, as well as on other issues related to the genetics of breast cancer.

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Baltic Oncology Center has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the leading oncologists - chemotherapists in the field of tumor genetics-guided chemotherapy

Dr. Sigita Hasnere with the help of genetic and tumor surface markers, will help patients in Latvia and other countries to accurately select appropriate chemotherapy and target therapy medicine for a specific tumor in order to achieve the best currently possible treatment results.

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Baltic Oncology Center have developed collaboration with most advanced clinics in Baltic States, where prostate cancer biopsies are performed under control of magnetic resonance imaging

The key to successful prostate cancer treatment is exact diagnosis, which is based on accurate biopsy - taking a sample directly from the tumor tissue. In most cases, such a tumor sample is taken in the practice of urologists under the control of ultrosonography. At the same time, the prostate is well visualized, but the tumor itself is not always successfully seen. Using the benefits of magnetic resonance imaging, it is also possible to accurately visualize tumor, its location in the prostate, and ensure that the biopsy is taken directly from the tumor tissue. This assures doctor that the sample is taken directly from the tumor and to perform morphological examinations, and thus to choose the most efficient and accurate treatment method. Read more here!

Radiation oncologist Maris Mezeckis and medical physicist Eva Reine is visiting Tartu University hospital

Radiation oncologist Maris Mezeckis Dr., MBA and medical physicist Eva Reine Mag. phys. is visiting Tartu University hospital who have installed one of the latest achievement in high quality brachytherapy treatment - Zephyr Transfer system. This system allows to transfer patient from procedure table to CT (computer-tomography) or even MRI (magnetic resonance imaging table) easily and without changing patients position.  This allows to control applicators correct position before brachytherapy after-loader insertion to be sure for precise position and to reduce risk of over-dosage of normal tissues due to applicator displacement. The installation of this system is large step forward in high quality brachytherapy.

Baltic Oncology Center specialists are visiting Klaipeda University hospital to learn more about robotic surgery

In July 2020 radiation oncologist Maris Mezeckis Dr., MBA and medical physicist Eva Reine Mg. Phys. visited Klaipeda University hospital in order to get more familiar about robotic surgery and learn more about advantages that gives this treatment method and possibilities to deliver this kind of treatment for patients in this clinic. Since year 2018 in Klaipeda University hospital has been performed more that 400 robotic surgery procedures. It allowed to help patients from Lithuania and abroad as well, treatments were done for kidney, prostate, gynecological diseases and other locations as well. Robotic surgery gives wonderful possibilities to achieve extremely high treatment precision due to fact that procedure is done with 4 robotic arms that are controlled by experienced and know-how based surgeon. We were very glad to get confirmation that each year in Klaipeda University have been treated patients from Lithuania and abroad as well, hospital management is very open minded and ready to help local patients and also patients from abroad that are candidates for robotic surgery treatment.

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